Gibson Les Paul Jimmy Page #1

Jimmy Page Custom Authentic 1959 Historic Gibson Les Paul 2004

Made like Jimmy Page's 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard

Bought from Joe Walsh in California April 1969 for £500.

Broken in finish. ABR-1 Bridge. Push/Pull Pot. Custom Authentic version.

At the heart of much of Page''s landmark work is his #1 Les Paul. The Custom Shop Jimmy Page signature model is based on exhaustive research on Jimmy's actual guitar, and faithfully recreates all the unique features (including an elliptical neck profile and single push/pull pot for series parallel pickup switching) that make #1 the legendary instrument it is.


Custom Authentic Instrument Features Include:

Customized by the Custom Shop builders to look, play and feel like a vintage Les Paul

"Broken in" finish process

Aged hardware including Grover machine heads

BurstBucker pickups

Long neck tenon to enhance tone and resonance

Hardshell case and All goddies

Custom Shop Certificate of Authenticity

Gibson's Custom, Art & Historic division introduces a Jimmy Page signature model that replicates the unique neck shape and custom electronics of Page's favorite guitar. "Les Paul #1," as the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer calls his personal guitar, is a 1959 sunburst Gibson Les Paul that he bought from Joe Walsh in the early 1970s.

The neck of Page's guitar is thick at the nut and at the neck heel, like a typical 1959 Les Paul, but it tapers to a super-slim depth in the middle. It was that way when Page acquired it, and he hasn't changed it. He did make two other modifications: He put a push/pull pot in the rear volume control that reverses the phase, in order to get a tone like Peter Green or B.B. King. And he replaced the original tuners with sealed, gold-plated Grovers to achieve the exact tuning and sensitivity of the Les Paul Custom he had been playing with Led Zeppelin.


A chaque star du rock sa guitare... Angus Young à la Gibson SG, et Jimmy Page indissociable de la Les Paul...

Pas moins de 25 modèles signatures ont été lancés, portant le paraphe du guitariste. Une série de 150 modèles sans son nom ont aussi trouvé preneur.

Toutes les guitares ont été vendues rapidement dès leur commercialisation, indique Gibson. Un acheteur aurait même déboursé 55 000 dollars pour ne pas louper l'occasion.

Celle ci est fabriquée a 800 exemplaires (selon le contrat passé entre Gibson et Jimmy Page) et correspond aux caractéristiques exacts de la N°1 utilisé par Jimmy Page..

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